Easter Message | About Rabbits

Wild rabbit at rest

Image © Porsupah Ree

Rabbits are charming animals, and can be very rewarding pets – but they also require a stable, loving environment, a rabbit-proof indoor home, and understanding of their behaviours and idiosyncrasies. Every year, many rabbits are purchased as pets for Easter – only to be surrendered to animal rescues and shelters or abandoned when the complexity of caring for a rabbit becomes evident. The House Rabbit Society has more on the subject of why Easter may not be the right time to get a rabbit as a pet – and lots of information to help you make an informed choice adopting a rabbit in the future.

If you are sharing your home with a rabbit already or are considering spending the next 8-10 years with a bunny, and you are looking for a local rabbit expert, give the Greenwood Park Animal Hospital a call: they have specialists trained to meet the medical needs of lagomorphs.

Oasis helps place rabbits with their forever homes, too! Read about Alice.

For any additional information regarding how you can become involved with Animal Rescue and Pet Fostering in Oshawa please Contact Us.