Kiara & Nala | Forever Home Found!



Nala & Kiara are lucky to be alive. At just one week of age they were abandoned with their mother Sarabi and three other siblings on our doorstep. They were all in pretty bad shape. Sarabi was dehydrated, skin and bones and would no longer feed the kittens. They, themselves, were covered with fleas, had eye infections and  looked pretty grim. As you can see that is no longer the case. With the help of the vet clinic and a devoted volunteer, all five kittens thrived. Mother Sarabi and three of the five have found permanent homes. Now is the time for Kiara and Nala to do the same.

For more information on how to Adopt Kiara, and Nala or any other pet you see on this website, please contact Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center.

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