Sapphire’s Kittens – All Have Found Homes – YAY!!

UPDATE 15 April, 2013:

When the kitties are happy. We’re happy. So today we’re happy!

Latte and Leela have found their forever home! YAY!! They’ll be staying together too as they have been adopted by a couple with two daughters who have had cats before that all died of old age. The family is excited beyond belief to welcome these two little ones into their home.


So congratulations Latte and Leela and best wishes to you all.

For those of you who may be interested in adopting a kitten, Misty delivered two kittens (yet to be named) on April 10th, Frankie delivered two kittens (Rory and Logan) at the end of March and we’ll be posting information later today about 4 little beauties born to Desiree.


UPDATE 12 April, 2013:

Time flies quickly, eh? There’s just two more weeks before Sapphire’s kittens Pistachio and Miko go off to their forever homes. Latte and Leela are still shopping around for the perfect place to live!!!

Sapphire’s four kittens are now six weeks. Here are the latest pictures of the four of them.

Dinner time for Sapphire’s Kittens (now six weeks of age):

Young kitten named Latte feeding kibble

Latte. “Hey, who spilled the kibble??”

Kitten Leela as if she's saying "Did you call me?"

Leela: “Did you call me?”

Kitten named Leela

Leela: “Not Fair!! Miko keeps sneaking up on me!”

Miko: "No way!! I would never sneak up on Leela"

Miko: “No way!! I would never launch a surprise attack on Leela.
I’m the sweetest little angel..remember?”


Kitten named Pistachio

Pistachio: “I’m soooooo full. Think I’ll need a nap soon.”

Kitten named Pistachio falling asleep

Pistachio: “Ahh, good zzzzzzzzzzz

Click for more of our youngest pets still looking for their forever homes


UPDATE 8 April, 2013:

Latte and Leela are still looking for forever homes!! Contact us today.

Lots of cute kitty pics below too…

Latte and Leela. Adoptable kittens at Oasis Animal Rescue

Kitten named Latte - first born. Likes kibble or kibble wet mix and is using the kitty litter.

Latte is a smart little boy who is very agile. He was first born so he is ahead of the curve. All the kittens are cuddled and played with regularly so they are good with humans. Latte started everything first. He likes kibble or kibble wet mix. He, like his brother and sisters is using the kitty litter too.

Kitten named Leela, for adoption.

Leela is now taking on the petite little girl roll. She emulates her Mom and is very affectionate and likes belly rubs and cuddles. She is a sprinter. She really really is trying to be Mommy’s girl, so she will end up a very affectionate and gentle cat. She is also a purr purr kitty like her Mom.

UPDATE 5 April, 2013:

These little guys are getting cuter every day!! [click through our slideshow]


UPDATE 1 April, 2013:

If you’ve been following their story, young mom Sapphire was pregnant when she arrived at Oasis. Despite the fact that kittens would soon be born, a caring couple decided to offer her a forever home and to help her raise the young ones when they were born. Well, what a great job they’ve done. The four kittens were born Feb. 28/2013. Two of them, Miko and Pistachio, have found permanent homes and we suspect that it won’t be long before the remaining two kittens, Leela and Latte, will also be adopted.

Here are fresh pictures of these little cuties. If you’d like more information on adopting Leela or Latte. Please contact us at 289-385-6293 – or scroll down to use our Contact Form.

UPDATE 22 March:

Here’s a few updated pictures of Miko (adopted), Leela and Latte (both still seeking homes). All growing nicely!!

Latte. Kitten for adoption.


A kitten named Leela for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa, On


Adoptable kitten Miko at Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa, On.

Miko. (Adopted)

UPDATE 15 March:

Male kitten Pistachio found a new home earlier in the week. His brother Latte and sisters Leela and Miko are still searching for their new homes.

Kitten named Latte for adoption

Meet Latte. Male, born Feb 28, 2013

Kitten named Miko for adoption

Meet Miko. Female, born Feb. 28, 2013

Cat Sapphire feeding kittens. For adoption.

Feeding Time! Awwwww. Sapphire’s a great mom.


UPDATE 6 March:

We’ve managed to sex the kittens born to Sapphire and turns out we have two boys and two girls. All of them have been given names, so here we go:

  • Dark kitten with mustache is a boy. His name is Pistachio ADOPTED! Pistachio will be the new pet for a young couple in university. Very Clever!
  • White kitten with black spots is a boy. He is called Latte
  • White belly tabby is a girl. She is called Leela
  • White belly tabby with two eyebrow dots and tiniest bit of brown is a girl. She is called Miko.

As photos become available we will post them on this page.

If you are interested in providing a new home for one of Sapphire’s kittens, please scroll down for our contact form.



Remember Sapphire, a Seal Lynx Point Siamese cat that turned out to be pregnant when she arrived at Oasis, but was adopted recently by a caring couple willing to help her raise the kits? Well, she delivered four beautiful fluffy kittens (between 3:00 am and 6:00 am) on February 28, 2013.

They are all thriving.  There is one white one with black spots and three grey tabby with stripes and a few seal spots – each having striping of white black and grey on the face (two with distinctive dots on the face as well).  Sapphire is a good attentive mother.  The kittens are all the same size.

If you are interested in adopting one of Sapphire’s kittens (they’ll be ready to join new homes on April 29th, 2013), please contact us using the form below.

Four kittens for adoption.

Four newborn rescue kittens for adoption.

Four adoptable kittens. Oshawa Ontario.

Adoptable Cat Named Sapphire

Proud Momma Cat Sapphire


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