Sad Start, Great Result For Cash The American Bulldog Cross

American Bulldog Cross named Cash


After a difficult search Cash has found the best new home and we are so pleased.

American Bulldog cross Cash first came to Oasis from an abusive situation (including an attempt to turn him into a fighting dog!). As a result, he is currently very afraid of other dogs and many people.

Since his bio was posted on the internet many supportive people requested meeting Cash with the intention of eventually providing him with the forever home he deserved.  Each time he met someone new, with or without other pets, poor Cash ended up cowering, shaking and scared to death – one of our team members became his closest friend, the one he trusted most to reassure him that all would be OK.

Pet lovers know, a special bond is often formed between pets and the people who care for them.  As one month turned into two, a special bond was growing between Cash and his new BFF that neither would have ever suspected. After yet another hopeful but unsuccessful meeting with a potential adoptive family, with Cash still shaking and scared, our team member “just knew” where Cash belonged. With her!

Reporting on the latest meeting with a potential family for Cash she said sadly, “It didn’t go so well” and then with excitement, “But I think I have discovered the best new forever home for Cash… and it’s is right here with me!”.

Knowing their journey together, we agreed before the words were out of her mouth!

Cash’s new mom is one of our most experienced pet carers and is also one of our wonderful pet foster volunteers. She regularly volunteers to provide a temporary home to many pets because she enjoys the satisfaction of helping people to experience the joy of adopting a rescue pet. This time though, she gets to experience the joy herself.

In our opinion, Cash has found the absolute best home he ever could have – the one where his best friend and biggest supporter lives! With a friend by his side that he can always rely on, Cash will finally have the chance, and continuous support, to conquer his fears and just enjoy being a dog with a great new life!

All the best Cash. We know you’ll do great. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started playing a huge role in helping future foster pets feel secure while waiting to find a forever home.



Original Text:

Considering what Cash has experienced in his short life, this stunningly handsome canine is a true testament to the resiliency of youth regardless the species.

This friendly, playful 18 month old American Bulldog cross was both physically and mentally abused from the time he was a very small puppy.

American Bulldog Cross named Cash is for adoption

Although almost continuously confined to crates and cages in that time period, one would never know any of this occurred for he loves to run and play with abandon and has an endless supply of energy.

Cash’s main goal in life appears to be to please and he laps up all the affection and attention that comes his way. Up-to-date on his vaccinations and deemed 100% healthy by the vet Cash is truly ready for his forever home.


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