Fritz. Mini Schnauzer Settled In His New Home

Adopt Fritz the Miniature Schnauzer


Lucky Fritz been adopted! And he has settled into his new home as though he has lived there his whole life.

His new owner is well acquainted with the breed and will provide Fritz with all the positive affirmation that he needs to thrive in his new environment. The handover was done by the old owners with Oasis present and the feeling all around was very positive.

So congratulations Fritz on finding your new home. All the best from the gang here at Oasis Animal Rescue.


Fritz is an endearing little chap. Neutered and up-to-date on his shots, this mini Schnauzer is just over six years of age but full of “vim & vigour” and ready to meet the doggie challenges that each day presents.

Fritz. A miniature schnauzer for adoption

Sadly, it’s thought that ill treatment early in life, by an irresponsible breeder, may have contributed to Fritz developing a mistrust – specifically of men, or males with loud voices.

Perhaps stress and fear are an underlying reason that sometimes causes Fritz to display aggression, specifically when voices are raised to admonish children or if he himself is scolded. Perhaps Fritz has developed what Cesar Milan may describe as small dog ‘pack-leader’ characteristics. In any case, Oasis is happy to offer Fritz our support and understanding. We’re confident that we’ll be able to find Fritz a new forever home – with an experienced dog owner that appreciates this great dog and cares about continuing to help him to cope with his past.

His present owners, two children and their parents, are devastated that he needs to be re-homed but circumstances beyond their control have made this a necessity.


If you are able to provide a forever home for a rescue pet, please contact the team at Oasis Animal Rescue on 289-385-6293.

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