There Are Better Options, Yet Healthy Pets Are Still Euthanized

Unfortunately, another healthy, young dog lost it’s life this week and that makes us very sad.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to help or advise, a pet owner will decide to have their pet euthanized rather than wait for a suitable pet foster home or a permanent forever home to be found.

Oasis helps pet owners who are unable to continue caring for their pets. We’re a non-profit and, with great support from the community, we’ve been able to help hundreds of pet owners with their pet dilemas since we opened our doors in January 2011.

At Oasis, euthanasia is never considered for any healthy pet. We know there are better options, like special foster care, support from the pet food bank, or training to improve the pet’s chances for permanent adoption. Some pets, understandably, take longer to re-home than others… older pets and pets with behaviour problems for example.

It’s heartbreaking for us when the search for a pet’s forever home is underway yet the pet owner decides to go ahead with euthanasia even though better options have been presented.

We can’t prevent a pet owner from euthanizing their pet. In this recent case, we informed the pet owner that there were better options yet no attention was paid to our advice. Sadly, all we can do is promise that we’ll continue to work very hard to ensure that any pet owner Oasis helps in the future knows that there is always a better option than euthanizing a healthy pet.


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