R.I.P. Kelev and Graycie. Both Sadly Euthanized Before New Home Found

Adopt Cat Kelev



Despite our best efforts to spread the word that Kelev and Graycie needed new homes quickly, we were saddened to learn that their owners decided to have them both euthanized.

As a non-profit organization, Oasis doesn’t have the facilities to shelter all of the unwanted animals we encounter. As such, we rely on either our network of temporary pet foster carers, or, when practical and to minimize disruption or stress for the animals, they may remain with their owners until matched with a suitable new home.

Finding new homes for unwanted pets can take time and some pet owners become unable or unwilling to wait and unfortunately choose to euthanize the animals instead, and before contacting us to discuss other options. Oasis Animal Rescue is a NO Kill organization and we can offer options.

With the help of our volunteers and donations from the community, we are currently implementing a Buddy System to help both Oasis and the pet owners that require assistance, to better coordinate, communicate and focus on the goal of producing the best possible outcome for their animals.

R.I.P. Kelev and Graycie.


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Cats Kelev and Graycie are both hoping to be adopted into new home(s) quickly.

These two beauties don’t ask for much – just a home where cats can be cats… Sometimes they just like to hang around lazing in the sun, sleep under the bed or sit in your lap while you’re watching TV. At other times these two like to have a little fun, wrestle, attack a scratching post, chase cat toys then enjoy a little snack. The joys of being a cat, eh? Except, now unfortunately, the future for these two is uncertain as their owners are moving and Kelev and Graycie won’t be going with them.

Adopt Cat Graycie


Six year old (neutered) male Siamese/Mix cat Kelev and his best friend Graycie, a five year old (spayed) female domestic shorthair, are both up-to-date on their shots.

They are indoor cats that have spent their lives so far living with adults and haven’t lived with children. They like to pretend they are shy but soon become playful again when they meet new people. Can you take away their uncertain future?




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