Lucky’s Kittens: Baby Ruth, Snickers And Reese, Adopted



UPDATE 4 Nov, 2014:

Snickers has been adopted by a family of four who live in Whitby with another, older male cat. Apparently the two felines “hit it off” right away. Yippee!!

Reese too has been adopted by a young woman who presently lives with her extended family but will be re-locating to an apartment of her own which will be shared by her boyfriend and another cat. This is an active household and little Reese won’t have time to miss her siblings.

Congratulations to all of Lucky’s kittens in finding their forever homes. Thanks.


UPDATE 31 October, 2014:

Baby Ruth has been adopted by an Oshawa family with youngsters and another older cat. We had many enquiries about this little kitten but were truly impressed by how entranced these particular applicants were with little Baby Ruth.

Congratulations Baby Ruth.

UPDATE 25 October, 2014 – Latest Photos..

Baby Ruth - Kitten for adoption

Baby Ruth – ADOPTED

Reese. Kitten for adoption


Reese. Kitten for adoption


Snicker. Kitten for adoption


Snicker. Kitten for adoption


Kittens for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue

Feeding Time! Yum


Lucky, a semi-feral cat, gave birth to Baby Ruth, Snickers and Reese in a shed located on a mechanic’s property. This was her second litter for 2014. Thankfully a compassionate member of the community brought her plight to our attention and Oasis was able to find a foster home for the whole family. Lucky is just learning to trust human beings but is definitely not fond of other cats. Her kittens, however, have only known love, affection and attention since being taken into care so they are thoroughly socialized and available for adoption.


Baby Ruth, kitten for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Durham Region

Baby Ruth (now adopted) is truly a “people” cat. She loves to cuddle and be in the closest proximity possible to the humans in her life. Her purrs would melt even the hardest heart and this dainty, gentle little girl is SO pretty!!

Reese, kitten for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue

Reese is somewhat of a loner who does not like to be picked up or cuddled. She does, however, enjoy playing (on her own terms) and is hilarious to watch as she entertains herself chasing her tail and acting the clown.

Snickers, kitten for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Durham Region

Snickers is a mischievous little man. He absolutely LOVES to eat ( view his round, cuddly body) and bounces around like a Jack Rabbit when he plays with his siblings. Cuddles are great but this kitten thrives on activity.

Lucky. Cat for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue

Momma Cat Lucky… lucky, that is, to have such beautiful kittens (and to be in the care of a loving foster mom helping her to raise affectionate, sociable kits).


 Mother cat Ninja and her kittens for adoption

Mother cat Ninja and her kittens for adoption

Mother cat Ninja and her kittens for adoption

Mother cat Ninja and her kittens for adoption

Lucky and kits have been vet checked and treated and are coming on strong. All are searching for loving new homes.

Mother cat Ninja and her kittens for adoption




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