Ragdoll Cat Angus Is Easily Tempted!


UPDATE: Angus has been successfully re-homed : You can read more about him by clicking here.

Ragdoll Cat Angus Can Be Sneaky

…with your help he can be safe.

You see, Angus, this beautiful pure-bred Ragdoll cat has a bit of a dangerous obsession. He eats things he shouldn’t!

Adopt This Ragdoll Cat Named Angus

His present owners, who absolutely adore him, now have an infant daughter in the household and, because Angus has Pica, they are concerned for his health.

What’s Pica?

It’s when an animal (and sometimes people too) crave and ingest non-food items. For our friend Angus, stringy things like shoelaces, ribbons, clothing, bedding, elastic bands and thin electrical cords can be too much to resist – and a danger to his life!

Adopt Ragdoll Cat Angus

The Solution?

A new home free of small “delicious” toys like Barbie clothes and Transformer parts. His present owners will miss him SO much but they have come to the realization that their home is no longer safe for him – especially as kids grow and the inevitable trail of tempting goodies follow (he’s already had two operations to remove things that shouldn’t be in there!).

Just four years of age, neutered and up-to-date on all of his shots, Angus gets along well with other cats and dogs and is a VERY affectionate indoor cat. He’s a registered, pure-bred Ragdoll Blue Point with white mitts, super soft fluffy fur, beautiful blue eyes and the typical non-aggressive Ragdoll traits. He loves to be petted and loves to give “head butts”.

Angus is seeking an adoptive family with lots of time for him. Of course his ideal new home doesn’t need to be ‘minimalist’ style, just shared with attentive people who will help him avoid temptation. In return for ensuring his safety, this companion pet will reward you with love and affection for many years to come.

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