Kittens Ren And Brody. Adopted Together


When kittens Ren and Brody were introduced to two young boys (eight and ten years old), it was a joy to watch how well the boys and kittens interacted together. There was no doubt in our minds that this foursome belonged together. The boys had just lost a beloved elderly cat and were ready to welcome new pets into their house. The kittens and the boys knew there was a connection and happily Ren and Brody are now settling into their new home in Pickering.

Have fun everyone!

(Note: these are not the same two young, enterprising boys who originally found Ren and Brody in the woods! – see original text below)


Adopt kitten Brody

Playful Brody

Original Text:

Ren and Brody are six week old siblings. One girl and one boy.

Discovered in the woods by two enterprising, eight year old boys, these kittens were being “shopped around” a local mall in an effort to acquire spending money.

Adopt Kitten Ren

Inquisitive Ren

Luckily a retailer gave Oasis a call before the parents of the youngsters demanded that the little ones be returned to the forest from whence they came.

Both kittens are healthy and sociable which leads us to believe that they are accustomed to human contact and were not born to a feral mother. They will be ready to be adopted into their forever homes by the beginning of September.


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