Jessie. Happy In Her New Home!

Kitten for adoption - Jessie - Oasis Animal Rescue

8 week old Jessie


Jessie has been adopted by a young couple who recently moved into their own home. They were intent on bringing a rescue pet into their household now that they have the space. She will have all of their undivided attention for they have no other animals. Excellent News!!

Best of luck in your new home Jessie, from all of your friends at Oasis Animal Rescue.




Jessie is adorable. Playful, funny, mischievous and a “poster kitten”, this little girl will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Jessie was dropped off at Oasis by an individual who had only been her caregiver for a short period of time. Apparently it was a tenant landlord dispute over alleged allergies that ended in this feline being surrendered to a member of our staff.

At eight weeks of age, Jessie thoroughly enjoys the company of other cats and we strongly feel that she would thrive in a multi-cat household. Jessie has had her first shots and been de-wormed.


If you, or someone you know, can offer a forever home to a rescue pet, please contact Oasis at 289-385-6293

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