Shiloh’s Kittens: Dinner Time, Bath Time, Play Time [Video]

Shiloh’s kittens are really growing quickly now. Thankfully all of her kittens have now found forever homes to go to. They’ll be visiting the vet for a checkup and then heading off to join their new families around mid-April.

We thought you’d enjoy these recent photos and video. There’s something about kittens feeding, kitten facial expressions or just watching kittens playing around with each other that makes us all smile, don’t you think?

So, courtesy of Shiloh’s kittens… take a moment to smile!


Play Time:

Dinner Time:

Mother cat Shiloh with six kittens feeding

“Move Over… I’m Hungry Too!!”
Mom Shiloh with her 6 kittens (4 of her own and 2 adopted).
Homes have now been found for all of her kittens to go to soon.
We can’t believe how much and how quickly they’ve grown!!

Bath Time (Leo’s nap was interrupted!):

Kitten named Leo with funny look on his face

Leo wasn’t impressed with mom Shiloh woke him up from his nap at bath time.
Isn’t he cute?
Leo has will be joining his forever home soon.


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