Thanks For Helping Oasis To Help Pets – Across Canada

Ragdoll Cat Angus Can Be Very SneakyRemember Angus? He was the purebred Ragdoll cat obsessed with eating things he shouldn’t ? He was originally from British Columbia but his owner had a new infant daughter (who would inevitably be leaving a trail of goodies that Angus would not be able to resist) she knew that living with them would actually be dangerous for her beloved Angus. Reluctantly she began the search to find him a new and safer home and contacted our team here at Oasis Animal Rescue – we were happy to offer any help we could.

Eventually, and thankfully, a great new home was found for this handsome devil on, of all places, a hobby farm in New Brunswick! So Ragdoll cat Angus soon made the big journey, travelling by air from one coast to the other to the best home for him with experienced animal lovers. We’re happy to share the photos (slideshow below) of Angus, comfortable in his new home with his new friends.

Thanks to you and our growing network of friends, right across the country, Oasis Animal Rescue is able to help more and more needy pets, not just in the GTA, but your helping us reach far and wide. Everyday we’re doing what we can to help pets in need – from Ottawa, Kingston and Peterborough to Windsor and many, many places in between.

But the more you help us share pet stories and spread the word when one of our furry friends needs a helping hand, the larger our network grows and the more able we are to help pets like Angus find the best forever home, even if we have to search the country to do it.

Thanks for continuing to share the pets on our adoption list with your friends. Everytime you share one of the pages on this site, or become friends with us on facebook, or follow us on twitter, the chances for finding a safe new home for a needy pet grows so much better.

Here’s Ragdoll cat Angus in his new home with some of his new friends:

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