Why Are Home Visits Necessary During Pet Adoption Process?

If you’re interested in adopting a pet through Oasis Animal Rescue (and we hope you are!), our staff will mention that part of the adoption process involves a home visit. Why?

The great majority of people interested in adopting a pet from a rescue organization are pet lovers with one goal in mind – to provide a safe and loving forever home to a pet in need. These caring people are certainly rescue pet saviours and thankfully we meet more of them every day.

When we make a commitment to find a new home for a rescue animal or pet in need, we are also making a commitment to potential adopters – and that is, to do our best to make sure that the pet you adopt is suitable for your home and lifestyle. Obviously, we want your pet adoption to be a successful, rewarding experience for you, your family and your new pet.

Better Chance For Long-Term Pet Adoption Success

Though a home visit can’t guarantee that every pet will be the perfect match for every adoptive family, the visit is an opportunity for you to learn more about the animal’s past, it’s behaviour and it’s needs for the future.

Open discussion with one of our visiting staff members helps you decide if you really want to commit to providing a forever home for the particular pet you were interested in, or if another rescue pet, with perhaps different characteristics, personality and needs would actually give you both a better chance for long-term adoption success.


As mentioned, the majority of people who are considering adopting a pet through Oasis are genuine pet lovers but, unfortunately, we also have to be aware of the person who may not have the same good intentions when enquiring about adopting a pet in need:

For example, in some sad (and hopefully rare) cases, people involved in the cruel dog-fighting underworld have been known to use pets obtained through rescue organizations as “bait” animals when training their fighting dogs to develop more aggression.

We’ll leave the gruesome details of that ‘business’ to your imagination. Sadly, the potential for post-adoption animal cruelty in any form is a reality that every pet rescue organization works hard to avoid.

A Welcome Part Of Pet Adoption Process

Pre-adoption home visits contribute to the long-term success of pet adoptions and hundreds of families who have already adopted an Oasis Animal Rescue pet have used the visit to confirm or even re-consider the pet they have chosen to adopt.

And if the prospect of a home visit also helps to deter even one person with bad intent from abusing a rescue pet, we’re sure you’ll agree too that home visits are a necessary and welcome part of our pet adoption process.


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