YOU Saved Takoda And He’s Very Thankful – Adopted

Takoda is now a Toronto resident. He was adopted by a family of three who absolutely adore this little guy and is part of a household that contains several other felines.


After cat Takoda had a huge fall from a 6th floor balcony and completely shattered the bones in his leg, he may very well have been euthanized. Instead we asked for your help to pay for specialist surgery – and so many of you came to his rescue.

Takoda. Cat recovering from surgery after fall from 6th floor balcony.

Takoda. Popping outside for a short walk. Isn’t that great?

Today we’re very happy to let you know Takoda has just about fully recovered after his terrible fall. This week he visited the vet and has been given a completely clean bill of health. Orthopedic surgery was a big success and he now has full mobility.

Besides the fact that he’s still waiting for the fur on his shaved leg to grow back, you’d be hard pressed to tell that he had ever been through the ordeal that he has.

Takoda relaxing on the porch

Rolling around on the porch. You can see his shaved underside and back leg. That fur will grow back soon. It’s a little out of focus because he’s now so happy he can move painfree that he doesn’t sit still. Takoda also suffered from ear mites and a severe upper respiratory infection but they’ve been cleared and the vet has now given Takoda a full, clean bill of health.

Cat named Takoda - bathing himself

Bath time.

Your kind donations covered an amazing 90% of Takoda’s care costs (more than $2000) and the result is that Takoda will now be able to lead a perfectly normal life for a very long time. His foster mom tells us, “He’s such a wonderful little chap and adored by everyone. He virtually rules the house and a number of older resident cats are happy to let him enjoy himself and exercise that leg. He comes when called and rather than meow he likes to ‘talk’ in his own funny little squeaky voice.”

In that unique voice, we suspect he’s been telling us to pass along this message to all who have helped, and we’re happy to do so:

“I was scared and in pain and you were there when I really needed help.
Thank You So Very Much.
Love Takoda”

Since opening our doors in 2011, Oasis Animal Rescue And Education Center has been able to provide urgent care, temporary foster homes and permanent homes for more than 300 Durham Region pets in need.

Our Pet Food Bank has also helped hundreds of residents in our community to care for their cherished pet companions and avoid being forced to re-home, abandon or release pets when faced with periods of extreme financial difficulty.

Pets like Takoda and many others are thankful that we’re living in such a caring community. And we are too.

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters – You’re making things happen!

* * *

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