Ginger. Two Year Old, Friendly Cat Must Find New Home

Ginger. Cat for adoption. Toronto GTA Durham Region

Ginger is a beautiful golden boy. Two years of age, neutered and up-to-date on all […]

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Three Abandoned Kittens For Adoption – UPDATE – Only One Remaining

Margarita. Rescue kitten for adoption.

UPDATE 11 December 2017: Margarita is the only kitten remaining for adoption from this family. […]

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Trixie, Pixie And Lexie. Three Rescue Kittens Need New Homes

Three Rescue Kittens For Adoption

Trixie, Lexie and Pixie are three female siblings who, at sixteen weeks of age, have […]

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Sylvester. Lucky, Playful, Rescue Cat Needs Forever Home

Sylvester is an extremely lucky boy. A caring, community member rescued this three-year-old cat from […]

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Beatrice. Laid Back Cat, ‘An Absolute Doll’, Needs A Home

Beatrice. Momma Cat seeking her own forever home.

Beatrice is an absolute doll. Three years of age, spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations, […]

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Kennedy. Sociable, Friendly, Female Cat In Need Of New Home

Kennedy. Cat for adoption. Durham Region, Toronto GTA

Sociable, friendly Kennedy, at seven years of age, is spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations. […]

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Donna. Playful, Curious Rescue Cat Seeks Forever Family

Donna. Cat for adoption. Durham Region Toronto GTA

Donna has had a rough few months. Pregnant and abandoned on the streets of Montreal, […]

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Bou. Stunning, Friendly, Female Cat Seeking New Home

Bou. Female cat needs new home. Toronto GTA Durham Region

Bou is an absolutely stunning girl. At four years of age, spayed and up-to-date on […]

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Sweetie. Gentle, Affectionate Cat Available For Adoption

Sweetie. Cat for adoption. toronto, gta, durham region

Sweetie’s name says it all. This gentle feline is an affectionate, friendly little lady who […]

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Lady. Shy, Homeless Cat Seeks Loving New Home

Lady. Cat for adoption. Toronto GTA Durham Region

Lady is homeless through no fault of her own. A previous owner decided to replace […]

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Honey And Sam. Sociable Cats Needing Foster/Perm Home(s)

Honey and Sam. Cats for adoption. Toronto GTA, Durham Region

Honey and Sam are in need of first a foster home(s) and then new, forever […]

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Marley And Sammy. Cats Need Foster Or Forever Home Urgently

Marley and Charley are siblings who were found, as tiny kittens, on a farm six […]

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Toby. Super Affectionate Indoor/Outdoor Cat For Adoption

Toby. Adopt Cat Toronto GTA

Toby absolutely loves the freedom of being an indoor/outdoor cat. At ten years of age, […]

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Lola. Shy Cat Would Greatly Benefit In A Caring Forever Home

Lola, cat for adoption. GTA Toronto

Lola is an extremely shy girl. Discovered in the back yard of a Durham Region […]

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Penny. Great Companion Cat For Senior – For Adoption

Penny. Cat for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue, Toronto, GTA, Durham Region

Tortoiseshell cats have very unique and special personalities. Penny is no exception to this rule. […]

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Autumn. Independent Cat In Need Of New Home

Autumn is a puzzle. Her foster mother never knows, 100%, exactly what mood this little […]

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Nikki. Healthy, Senior Cat In Need Of Loving Retirement Home

Nikki. Senior cat for adoption. Toronto GTA.

UPDATE 30 Oct 2017: Sadly Joey is no longer with us and has passed over […]

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Freud. Free Spirit Male Cat For Adoption

Cat name Freud, for adoption. oasisanimalrescue

Freud loves the out-of-doors. At four years of age, neutered and up-to-date on all of […]

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Lisa. Cat In Golden Years Needs Loving New Home

Lisa. Eleven year old cat for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue.

Lisa is 11 years of age and has been with the same family since she […]

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Midnight And Tiffany. Best Friend Cats For Adoption

Tiffany and Midnight. Best friend cats for adoption.Oasis Animal Rescue.

Midnight and Tiffany are the very best of friends. These little ladies are both three […]

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Jackson. Friendly Male Bunny Seeking A Forever Home

Rabbits for adoption. Jackson. Oasis Animal Rescue

  Jackson, a playful, friendly bunny, is searching for a new forever family. A young […]

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Shilah and Makita. Owner Health Issues Force Cat Re-Homing

Shilah and Makita. Cat pair for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue, GTA, Durham Region, Oakville

Shilah and Makita have been dearly loved by their present owner for many years. Now, […]

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Gypsy And Sammie. Social Felines Seeking Attentive New Home

Cats for adoption. GTA Toronto, Durham Region

Gypsy (9 years of age) and Sammie (7 years of age) are the beloved pets […]

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Jasmine. Playful Cat Needs To Find New Home Soon

Jasmine. Cat for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue, Toronto, GTA, Durham Region

Jasmine, spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations, is such a beautiful girl!! Her present owner, […]

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Dakota. Very Affectionate, Beautiful, Female Cat For Adoption 

Dakota. Cat for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue, Toronto, GTA, Durham Region

Dakota is a truly beautiful girl. At eight years of age, spayed and up-to-date on […]

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Donald. Loving, Friendly Cat Deserves New Home

Donald. Cat for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue, Toronto, GTA

Donald was rescued six months ago from a hoarder’s home. It was evident that he […]

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Clock Ticking! Five Cats In Need Of Urgent Help

Cats for adoption. Urgent help needed. Contact Oasis Animal Rescue, Toronto GTA

Mickey, Hansel, Gretel, Maxi and Midnight are part of a semi-feral colony that is being […]

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Max And Toopy. Cats Hoping To Be Re-Homed Together

Max and Toopy. Cats for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue

Max and Toopy, four years of age, were rescued as kittens. Sharing the household of […]

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Zoey And Penny Lane. Searching For New Forever Home

Zoey and Penny Lane. Cats for adoption, Toronto GTA, Durham Region

Zoey and Penny-Lane are somewhat “in limbo”. Although dearly loved by their previous owner, a […]

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Khat Momma, Khat Baby & Boo. Needing New Homes

Cats for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue. GTA Toronto Durham Region pets

Khat Momma (2 1/2 years of age), Khat Baby (1 1/2 years of age) and […]

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Lucy And Cookie. Abandoned Cats Seeking Loving Homes – UPDATE

Lucy and Cookie. Cats for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue, GTA, Toronto, Durham Region

UPDATE 30 April 2015: Cookie is a very lucky cat. This little gal has been […]

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Janey. Sweet Cat With Love To Share Seeks New Home

Janey. Cat for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue

  Janey is a very fortunate feline. Adopted as a tiny kitten, she has been […]

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Mystery And Mystique. Black Beauty Rescue Kittens

All black rescue kittens Houdini and Mystery

UPDATE 4 Nov, 2014: Mystique is now a permanent resident of the Junction area of […]

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Shiloh. Momma Cat Needs A Home Too

Adoptable cat named Shiloh

Candid Comments from Shiloh’s foster mom: Shiloh is a sweet girl who loves any and […]

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Ella. Lovely Cat Seeks Dog-Free Home

Ella is a sweetie but she does NOT like living with a dog. That is […]

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Pumpkin And Toby. Best Friend Cats Seek New Home Together

Toby & Pumpkin. Cats for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue

Pumpkin and Toby are dearly loved by their present owners but allergies have cropped up […]

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Milo. Sweet Cat Seeks Permanent Home, New Family

Cat Milo seeks foster home. Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa

Milo is a sweetie. At four years of age, neutered and up-to-date on all of […]

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Meme. Friendly Tortoise Shell Cat Seeks Forever Home

Meme. A tortoise shell cat for adoption. Oasis Animal Rescue

Meme is a beautiful, eighteen month old Tortoiseshell girl who is presently residing in a […]

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PG. Extremely Sociable Cat Would Suit Any Household

PG. Sociable Cat for adoption. Contact Oasis Animal Rescue, Durham

PG, seven years of age, neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations, is looking for a […]

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Mimi. Sociable Cat Hoping For Her Own Forever Home

Mimi. A cat for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa, Durham Region, Ontario

Mimi gave birth to a litter of adorable kittens in the spring of 2013. All […]

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Blackie. Cat Lonely, Owner Admitted To Nursing Home

Blackie is lonely. He is on his own in a large house with no human […]

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Jazz. Endearing Cat Searching For Tranquil New Home

Jazz. A female cat for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa, Durham Region, ON

Jazz is about to embark on a new adventure. This seven year old girl, up-to-date […]

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Oscar. Local Family Improves Cat’s Chance For Adoption

Neutered cat for adoption named Oscar

Oscar is one lucky little guy. Appearing one afternoon in the backyard of a local […]

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Cloud The Cat Finds Home. Thunder Still Searching

Cloud and Thunder. Cats for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa, ON

UPDATE 7 November: Lucky Cloud has been adopted. Cloud, and another of our cats for […]

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Cali. Indoor/Outdoor Cat Seeking New Home

Cali’s life is about to change drastically. Six and a half years of age, declawed, […]

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Lily And Levi. Cats Looking For Laid-Back Household

Levi and Lily, at four years of age, are best friends in need of a […]

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Ashes. Changed Circumstances Force Cat Re-Homing

Cats for adoption. Budders and Ashes

UPDATE 7 October: Sad news today… Budders, who had actually been adopted in August, fell […]

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Rosie. Shy Cat Seeks Tranquil New Home

Rosie. A cat for adoption at Oasis Animal Rescue, Oshawa, ON

Rosie is a shy little gal who would thrive in a quiet household with a […]

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Kitty. Lonely Persian Cat Seeks New Home

Adopt cat named Kitty. Oasis Animal Rescue.

Kitty is very lonely. For the last 12 months she has been the sole occupant […]

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Trouble. Kitty Cat Lookin For A New Home

Adopt cat named Trouble.

Trouble is such a beautiful boy. At three and a half years of age, neutered […]

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Orangie. Stray Cat Has Made Great Progress

Orangie is a big hit at his foster home and a favorite of all who […]

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Shelby. Sadly This Beloved Cat Must Be Rehomed

Shelby - a cat for adoption through

Shelby is looking for a new home. It is a sad time for her present […]

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Chelsea. Calm Cat Ideal Companion For Seniors

Adoptable cat named Chelsea

Chelsea has gorgeous eyes and an extremely lovable personality. At twelve years of age, up-to-date […]

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Bella. Endearing Cat, A Real Sweetie For Adoption

Cat named Bella for Adoption

Bella personifies her name in so many ways. This 10 year old sweetie is a […]

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Penelope. Abandoned On Our Doorstep

Cat Penelope, for adoption.

Penelope and Cora were abandoned in a carrying case in the pouring rain outside our […]

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Gina. Living Alone As Stray Near Oshawa Creek

Adopt Cat Gina

Gina is adorable. Sweet, pretty, gentle and affectionate, this seven month old gal is spayed […]

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