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Oasis Animal Rescue and Education CenterAmy was young, pregnant and abandoned.
Tommy was found emaciated and in pretty bad shape.
Bear’s elderly owner died.

Everyday more pets are abandoned, abused and unwanted in Durham Region and many faithful pet companions can no longer be cared for by their loving owners due to financial reasons or perhaps a death in the family.

The Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center was established as a non profit Canadian corporation to provide services that will ensure the protection and care of any domestic animal that is abandoned, displaced, homeless or in need. Every donation means so much.

To donate safely and securely using PayPal:Click the “Donate” button for a one-off donation, or the “Subscribe” button for to set up a weekly/monthly/yearly donation.No PayPal account? Simply select and click a button, then follow the “No PayPal account” links. One time donation:

Regular Donations (Select option or contact Oasis)


Every Donation Makes A HUGE Difference

Since opening our doors in January 2011, Oasis has helped over 200 needy pets find veterinary care, a foster parent or a loving forever home. And as many Durham Region residents struggle to meet the costs of living, our Pet Food Bank has helped them to feed the pets they love and to avoid losing their loyal companions.

Animal Collage

One Time Donation:


Regular Donations (Select option or contact Oasis)

Your donations make it possible for Oasis to continue offering assistance to pets and people in the Durham community.Every donation contributes to making real and lasting differences to so many lives.

• When a young, stray cat with three, flea-infested and very ill kittens needs urgent veterinary care – your donations help
• When a puppy is risking homelessness or euthanasia just because it has grown bigger than the family expected – your donations help
• When a low-income single mother or elderly neighbour is trying so hard to cope – your donations help

Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center

The Pets Give So Much In Return

Your donations go towards helping domestic pets in need and in return the animals that are adopted, provided with veterinary care, or able to remain with their long-time owners, are actually giving back to our community. They’re providing love and companionship to people who’ve lacked that in their lives. They’re making families laugh, playing with children and they’re helping your vulnerable neighbours feel safe. When you donate to help Oasis’ rescue pets, the pets themselves actually pay back the opportunity you have given them by providing love and loyal companionship to the new people in their lives. And while your donations are helping feed and care for animals that haven’t yet found a forever home, those pets are giving back too. Volunteers of all ages are learning how to care for and respect the pets in our community and they are gaining valuable and rewarding experiences to help them in their own lives.


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More Ways You Can Donate…

You can also really help our foster care network and our pet food bank if you’re able to donate any of these items:

• Wet and dry dog food
• Wet and dry cat food
• Kitty Litter and Litter Trays
• Kennels and crates of all sizes
• Blankets, pet beds
• Collars and leashes – all sizes
• Pet toys, treats and grooming supplies
• Cleaning supplies – stressed pets sometimes have little ‘accidents’!!
• Gas Cards – helps transportation costs (back and forth to vets – to foster homes)
• Store Cards – where pet care supplies can be purchased

 Telephone: 289-385-6293

Thanks, so much, for helping us
to help Durham Region pets in need