Tribute to Donald Panos, An Early Oasis Supporter

Mr Donald Panos, an early advocate of Oasis Animal Rescue, passed away Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, with his loving family by his side. Donald was the very first, caring individual to offer a donation to Oasis Animal Rescue and we couldn’t be more grateful. Though he may not have […]

There Are Better Options, Yet Healthy Pets Are Still Euthanized

Unfortunately, another healthy, young dog lost it’s life this week and that makes us very sad. Sometimes, despite our best efforts to help or advise, a pet owner will decide to have their pet euthanized rather than wait for a suitable pet foster home or a permanent forever home to be found. Oasis helps pet […]

Why Are Home Visits Necessary During Pet Adoption Process?

If you’re interested in adopting a pet through Oasis Animal Rescue (and we hope you are!), our staff will mention that part of the adoption process involves a home visit. Why? The great majority of people interested in adopting a pet from a rescue organization are pet lovers with one goal in mind – to […]

Cruel Women Dump Unwanted Cat in Oshawa Alley

Staff at Oasis Animal Rescue, on Simcoe St. N., Oshawa, were shocked on Tuesday when two women appeared to carry out their threat of dumping their unwanted cat in a back street alley – deliberately adding to the problem of homeless pets roaming Oshawa streets. “This is a too-common problem,” says Janet Smith, Executive Director […]

Oasis Mourning Recent, Senseless Death Of Young Dog

  The staff at Oasis are mourning a recent, senseless death. A young dog we had been asked to re-home has died. His owner came to Oasis with a request that we find a home for the big, waggy-tailed guy. A typical doggy teenager, he was getting it all wrong, and his owner, who probably […]

Highway Of Pain For Farm Animals – Part 3

Earlier this week, Part One of our Highway Of Pain For Farm Animals series highlighted that legislation in Canada governing the transport and slaughter of farm animals was still delayed despite animal right groups lobbying for years. The beef-consuming public and the economy are still at risk yet the Canadian government continues to “look into […]

Highway Of Pain For Farm Animals – Part 2

Continued from Highway Of Pain For Farm Animals – Part 1 Canadian Law regarding the transportation of animals has not changed for decades. Legislation that closed small community abattoirs and made the longer trips necessary should have included stringent regulations for transportation, but didn’t. There are 650 million animals transported for slaughter yearly in Canada. […]

Highway Of Pain For Farm Animals – Part 1

In 2004, I wrote a newspaper article about the treatment of sick and diseased farm animals headed for the slaughterhouse. There were two events that brought this issue into focus for me at that time. The first was legislation that closed small abattoirs in Canada and brought all livestock slaughter into large operations and under […]

Puppy Mills Are A Big, Dirty Business – Part 3

The first of our Puppy Mills series coincided with breaking news of a puppy mill uncovered in Clarington, within our own Durham Region. In Part 2 we provided information on the Continental Kennel Club and fake registries. In this final part of our series looking at the dirty business of puppy mills in Canada, we […]

Puppy Mills Are A Big, Dirty Business – Part 2

In Part 1 of our Puppy Mills are a Big, Dirty Business series, we talked about puppy mills in Canada being factory farms with the sole purpose of breeding puppies valued only for the amount of profit they generate. Here we take a look at the Continental Kennel Club registry: What about the Continental Kennel […]

Puppy Mills Are A Big, Dirty Business – Part 1

At Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center, our role in the Durham region community is to ensure the protection and care of any domestic animal that is abandoned, displaced or homeless. By building awareness of industries that make a detrimental contribution to the lives of domestic pets, we can work towards preventing future problems. Last […]

Durham Region Puppy Mill Uncovered

The Oasis team was saddened to hear in the news today that a puppy mill has been uncovered in Clarington. As reported by Kristen Calis on, the operation was uncovered after a tip from the public to the Humane Society of Durham Region. Upon investigation, 31 small breed dogs were found on the property […]