Learn About Re-Homing

We Understand

We understand that people’s lives change and sometimes unexpected changes make it necessary to re-home beloved pets – perhaps a death in the family, new allergies or a divorce. We wish we could help every family going through change to find a new forever home for their pet, but as a non-profit organization, the reality is that the high costs for veterinary care or pet food, urgent care cases or the availability of temporary pet foster homes is a constant struggle that unfortunately limits us in the number of pets we can accept for re-homing.

Our Supporters Understand Too

They are extremely passionate and kind-hearted people. That’s why our supporters donate their time, money, pet toys and supplies or open their homes to foster or adopt a pet in need. Without there help, we can’t help.

If Your Situation Has Changed

You can contact Oasis if your life situation has changed and you need help to find a new forever home for your pet. We hope you’ll understand that our resources are very limited but we do want to help, and will whenever we can.

Pet Re-Homing Is A Team Effort

Finding the best new home for your pet takes time – often quite a lot longer than your quickly-changing home situation – but the best results for your pet happen when everyone works together. Before registering your pet for re-homing with Oasis, we encourage you to ask your network of friends and family to help you spread the word that your pet is searching for a new home.

When You Register Your Pet With Oasis

• Clearly it’s best if your pet stays in a familiar environment during the search for a new home. If necessary, we will try to source a temporary foster home.
• We will create a pet bio and post it with your pet’s photos on our website as well as on high-traffic social media and classified websites.
• When potential adopters express interest, we arrange a home visit. We travel to every new home to meet with the family – to determine if your pet is right for them and they are right for your pet. This is a time-consuming process but we’ve found it’s the best way to ensure long term adoption success.

Is There A Cost?

Yes. Fees go towards our costs for, among other things, website maintenance, promotion, foster care, travel and time for home visits, vet costs and pet food.
Current costs to register a pet for re-homing at Oasis are:

Adolescent/Adult Cats: $25*
Dogs: $35**
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, “Pocket” Pets: $25
Kittens/pet litters are quoted on “per case” basis – please contact us.

* Adolescent/adult male cats MUST be neutered before placement in a foster home (read our spay/neuter information).

** An in-home assessment visit is necessary to determine if dogs being registered can be placed in foster/adoptive homes and we have a mandatory “meet and greet” policy with potential dog adopters to ensure compatibility. An initial fee of $25 is charged and goes towards running costs, time and travel costs, etc. This fee is in addition to the $35 dog registration fee above.

A vaccination record is required for all pets. Senior pets (8+ years of age) require a veterinarian’s “Wellness Certificate”.


For more information and to request a Registration Form:
contact Oasis at 289-385-6293 or complete and submit our online contact form.


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