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Animal Rescue Volunteers Are The Best!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to continue our work helping pets in need in Durham Region.

The contributions from our team of volunteers – to pet rescue and pet care education in Durham Region – makes an enormous difference to the lives of pets and pet owners in our community. Oasis Animal Rescue Volunteers Are The Best!


Becoming A Volunteer At Oasis Animal Rescue Is Easy

Step 1: Complete Our Volunteer Application Form

– ONLINE: At the bottom of this page

Download Volunteer Application Form (4.2 Mb .pdf format),

Step 2: Attend A Short Volunteer Orientation

– Discover more about Oasis Animal Rescue. Meet team members and other volunteers.

Step 3: Discuss Best Volunteer Opportunities For You

Our Volunteer Coordinator will help you to determine which of our Volunteer Teams (see below) would best suit your skills, goals, or time available.


Benefits Of Animal Rescue Volunteering:

There are many personal benefits to be gained from volunteering at an animal rescue centre.  Mostly though, animal rescue volunteers are joining a network of caring people in our community and around the world that can be proud of having helped our furry-friends-in-need to enjoy a more comfortable life – while sharing and promoting the importance of responsible pet ownership and animal protection.

Make a difference in the lives of pets in need

Meet like-minded people who are also committed to helping animals in need

Develop new skills

Give back to your community

Discover new interests, hobbies, and experiences

Gain Experience – Further your career opportunities

Be part of the solution

Feel good about helping

Help promote the importance of protecting domestic animals


Oasis Animal Rescue Volunteer Teams:


In-Office Volunteers:

Oasis is fortunate to have a team of talented and dedicated volunteers who contribute their time to the day-to-day clerical tasks and general upkeep of the Oshawa office. We are always looking for new individuals to help out in the animal food bank, take on administrative tasks, assist with housekeeping duties, answer the phones, greet in-office guests, help socialize the animals, and a variety of other tasks

Events Volunteers

Oasis will be attending several “tabling” events throughout the summer and require committed event volunteers who will be  engaging in conversation with the public about the programs we offer (i.e. Food Bank, Foster/Adoption program, Volunteer Opportunities, etc…) as well as raising awareness of the importance of protecting and rehoming displaced, homeless, and abandoned domestic animals

Community Ambassadors

As part of our community awareness project an enthusiastic, high energy team of volunteers will be helping introduce Oasis to the residents of Oshawa! Community Ambassadors will be visiting Oshawa neighborhoods to meet residents, say “Hi” and familiarize people with the work Oasis does. (Awareness building – No Selling)


Looking for Community Hours?

There are many opportunities at Oasis for students looking to accumulate their volunteer hours! Contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.


Questions About Volunteering? Contact:

Oasis Volunteer Coordinator: janetsmith@oasisanimalrescue.ca


Oasis Prospective Volunteer Form

To Volunteer With Oasis Animal Rescue And Education Center simply complete and submit this form. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

Why do volunteers need to apply?: Non-profit organizations need to be careful about who they allow to volunteer for them. There are many horror stories about inadequately vetted volunteers causing harm to a nonprofit's clients. An adequate volunteer application form is essential as an organization can be held responsible for illegal acts of volunteers unless there are sufficient safeguards and paperwork in place. Umbrella insurance policies protect non-profits, but only if they properly vet and document volunteer workers.

* indicates required field

If under 16, parent/guardian consent will be required.

Please Note:

• I understand that Oasis has my permission to use my name and/or photographs of me to promote the organization.

•I understand I may not initiate or engage in any media/public event pertaining to the organization without the approval of OASIS.

• Requests for media engagements will be referred directly to the OASIS staff.

• I understand that I have the right to submit a grievance to the Executive Director of OASIS should I not be satisfied with the response to the needs of, the interaction with, or care for animals within the scope of the OASIS mission.

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