Scarlett. Momma Cat Finds Her Own Forever Home

UPDATE 15 June 2017: Scarlett has found her forever home with a retired gentleman from Oshawa. He has no other pets so she will be “spoiled rotten” which is perfect for a little gal who deserves only the best. Congratulations Scarlett. Two of her kittens are available as of today. Visit kitten Alexander’s page or […]

Missy. Owner Passed Away, This Loyal Cat Finds New Home

UPDATE 14 June 2017: Missy has been adopted by a friend of her family. Best wishes to all. ————————————- Original Post: Adopted as a tiny kitten, Missy spent ten years with an owner who, sadly, passed away two months ago. This individual’s daughter opened her heart and home to her mom’s cat but, unfortunately, Missy […]

Tucker. Quiet Home Found For Handsome Male Cat

UPDATE June 13, 2017: Tucker was adopted at the end of May. This handsome 10 year old boy has finally found a loving, forever home in which to spend his “golden years”. Congratulations Tucker. ———————————— Original Post: Tucker is such a handsome, long haired boy. At ten years of age, neutered and up-to-date on all […]

Ursa. Gentle Cat Finds New Forever Home

UPDATE June 12, 2017: Ursa has been adopted by a friend of her previous owner. Best Wishes Ursa. —————————————- Original Post: Ursa is 8 1/2 years of age. Spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations, this little gal was originally adopted from Toronto Animal Services at fourteen months of age and has been the beloved pet […]

Tucson. Sweet Cat, A Real “Purr” Machine, Finds New Home

UPDATE 2 June 2017: Tucson was adopted by a couple from Courtice who have two other cats (female) and a dog. He will obviously have lots of company in his new home!! Congratulations to all. —————————————– Original Post: Tucson is a particularly sweet boy but a little shy at first meeting new folks. At 2 […]

Abbey. Healthy, Affectionate Guinea Pig – UPDATED

UPDATE 2 May 2017: Abbey (our adorable “pocket pet”) has been adopted by a North Bay family. Their little girl is thrilled with the latest addition to her household. Abbey will be very well cared for and greatly loved. Congratulations to Abbey and her new family. Update 18 May 2017: Here’s Abbey enjoying some outdoor […]

Moustache. Attention Loving, Affectionate Cat – Adopted

UPDATE 17 May 2017: Moustache has been adopted by an Oshawa couple. They fell in love with him at first sight. Lucky boy will be an only pet in the household so, by default, receive undivided attention. Best wishes in your new home Moustache. ————————————- Original Post: Moustache is an exceptionally affectionate boy. Three years […]

Mimi. Pretty Tabby Cat Finds Permanent New Home

UPDATE 17 May 2017: Mimi is moving to Toronto. This girl has become quite a traveller for she was originally from Montreal. Mimi will be the only pet in the household. Congratulations to all. ———————————– Original Post: Mimi is a Tiger Striped Tabby and ever SO pretty!! Ten years of age, spayed, up-to-date on her […]

Chilli And Pearl. Rescue Kittens Find New Home Together

UPDATE May 28, 2017: These two kittens are now with their forever, adoptive family. Both are boys ( as per the vet’s examination) so we suspect Pearl may be acquiring a new name. UPDATE May 11, 2017: Chilli and Pearl have been adopted by the same Oshawa family. This is certainly a good news story […]

Gina. Dainty, Loving Cat Welcomed Into Permanent Home

UPDATE 1 May 2017: Gina has been adopted by a lovely family who welcomed her with open arms. Definitely good news for her former owner whose major concern was that her little girl find a loving, attentive, forever home. Best wishes to all. ——————————— Original Post: Dainty, shy, little Gina was found as a stray […]

Socks. All Of Her Kittens Have Been Successfully Adopted

UPDATE 24 April 2017: Socks is still searching for her forever home. Please click here to view Socks’ profile. Meanwhile, the four kits (and all now adopted) are coming on strong and will be joining their forever homes in May. Born March 14, here they are today: ————————————— UPDATE 30 March 2017: Socks herself is […]

Cleo. Lap Cat, Loves To Cuddle, Finds New Forever Home

UPDATE April 21, 2017: Cleo has been adopted. This is great news for she truly deserves to spend her “golden years” in a home that can provide her with plenty of tender, loving care and undivided attention. Congratulations Cleo. —————————————- Original Text: Cleo urgently requires a temporary foster home while she searches for a permanent […]

Thunder. Belgian Malinois Dog Finds New Forever Home

UPDATE 18 April 2017: Thunder has been adopted by a couple who live in the Orillia area on 80 plus acres. They have other dogs and horses so Thunder will have no lack of companionship. Congratulations and best wishes to all! Here’s Thunder meeting two of his new friends: —————————————- Original Post: Tragically Thunder’s owner […]

Lucille. Gorgeous Two Year Old, Spayed Cat – ADOPTED

UPDATE 13 April, 2017: Lucille has found her forever home with the foster family who have cared for her over the course of the last few months. She will not lack for companionship with two other resident felines in the household. Best wishes in your forever home Lucille. —————————– Original Post: Lucille is a gorgeous, […]

Mika. Beautiful Cat Finds Forever Home For Her Golden Years

UPDATE April 13, 2017: Mika has been adopted by a retired couple in Oakville. In search of a senior cat who would enjoy all the comforts of a relaxed, tranquil environment, we believe this family has truly found the right match in Mika. Congratulations to all! ————————————— Original Post: Mika is a beautiful girl who […]

Goldie. Absolute Sweetie, Adorable Cat Finds Forever Home

UPDATE April 7, 2017: Goldie has been adopted by a couple who has another cat (Molly) who was lonely when her feline companion passed away. Goldie will be greatly missed by her foster mother who adored her. Best wishes to all! ————————————- Original Text: Goldie is an absolute sweetie. Just shy of three years of […]

Chance And Tiggy. Friendly, Adaptable Cats Find New Home

UPDATE 23 March 2017: Chance and Tiggy have found their forever home together in Pickering. We are thrilled that they did not need to be separated and, as the only pets in their new home, will be the beneficiaries of lots of attention.   Best wishes to all! ————————————— Original Text: Chance and Tiggy, at […]

Jinxie. Entertaining Kitten Finds Perfect Forever Home

UPDATE 23 March, 2017: Jinxie has been adopted by a single woman who lives in Oshawa. This individual is a foster mom for Oasis so little Jinxie will have lots of feline companions, coming & going, for many years to come. Congratulations Jinxie! —————————— Original Text: Jinxie is an adorable little gal. Now nine months […]

Sparky. Young, Female Retriever Mix Finds Her Forever Home

UPDATE 14 March 2017: Sparky is now a Toronto resident. She has found a new, forever home with a wonderful family of four who fell in love with her at their first meeting. Sparky, in turn, was extremely comfortable with them from the start and has settled in well at her new home. Congratulations and […]

Madison. Gentle Cat Has Found Her Permanent New Home

UPDATE 6 March, 2017: Madison has found her new home with an extended family ( mom, daughter and her partner) who already have a 20 year old feline. A baby is due within the next six months so it will soon be a full house. Congratulations Madison. —————————————– Original Post: Madison is such a sweetie. […]