Nokimos. Gentle, Playful, Young Rescue Cat Finds Forever Home

UPDATE 11 Dec 2017: Nokimos has found his forever home with a family in Oshawa who presently have a small dog. They are seasoned feline owners whose last kitty died at 18 years of age. The couple fell in love with our boy Nokimos the instant they met him. All the best to Nokimos and […]

Claire. Playful, Adorable Kitten Finds Forever Home

UPDATE 6 December 2017: Claire has found her forever home with a family whose little boy welcomed her with open arms. She will be the centre of attention in this household and we can’t ask any better for a little cat whose future was sorely in question when she first came to Oasis. Best wishes […]

Mr Spock And Tribble. Beloved Cats Find Their Forever Home, Together

UPDATE November 28, 2017: Mr. Spock and Tribble have found their forever home TOGETHER!! We are thrilled. They are going to be residents of a lovely Toronto neighbourhood south of the Danforth around Broadview Avenue. The young couple who adopted them do not have any other pets so Mr. Spock and Tribble will be the […]

Quacey. Adorable, Adoptable Kittens – Adopted

UPDATE 22 November 2017: Quacey (also known as “Ava”) is now a Pickering resident. This delightful little kitten is going to be the only pet in the household and thus the centre of attention. Nothing could make us happier!! Congratulations Quacey and her new family. Kitten Nokimos is still searching for his new home. Please […]

Pippa And Catherine. Best Friends, Cat Duo Find Their New Home

UPDATE 10 November 2017: Catherine and Pippa have found their new, forever home together. This is excellent news all around. Best wishes to both in their new home. ———————————- Original Post: These beautiful girls, Pippa and Catherine, deserve to stay together. Best friends, they have been dearly loved by their present family for many years […]

Mattie. Lovely Rescue Kitten Finds Her Forever Home

UPDATE Nov 10, 2017: Mattie has found her forever home with a young woman who is presently a foster mom with Oasis. She met this young feline and instantly fell in love. We are sure that Mattie will be thrilled to have other Oasis foster cats as companions in the coming months and years. Congratulations […]

Tuxedo and Jasper. Senior Cats Find Their Permanent New Home

UPDATE 1 November 2017: Jasper and Tuxedo have found their new, forever home with the sister of their present owner. When fostering these two senior felines she discovered that they were great companions and simply could not let them go. An excellent decision on her part!! Best wishes to Jasper and Tuxedo in their new […]

Cookie. Sweet, Energetic, Fun Kitten, Successfully Adopted

UPDATE 31 October 2017: Cookie has found her new, forever home with a young couple who also have another kitten of the same age. What a great time these two will have chasing each other around, swinging on curtains, climbing any imaginable storied height. All great fun for feline babies. Congratulations Cookie! —————————————– Original Post: […]

Jack. Cat’s Owner Moving Into Care Facility, Finds Loving New Home

UPDATE 30 October 2017: Jack has been adopted by a woman who lives in a beautiful, Durham Region apartment that is ideal for this senior boy. He shall be the only pet in the household so will benefit greatly from being showered with lots of love and attention. Congratulations Jack! ———————————————- Original Post: Jack is […]

Drizzy And Weezy. Brother Cats Find Forever Home Together

UPDATE 25 October 2017: Drizzy and Weezy have found a new, forever family together. Whoopee!! These boys, presently residents of Mississauga, will be moving to their new home in Durham Region shortly. We are thrilled for them both. Best wishes to all. ————————————– Original Post: Drizzy (brown) and Weezy (brown/white) are two boys in desperate […]

Zeus. Abandoned, Friendly, Rescue Cat Finds Perfect Home

UPDATE 28 September 2017: Zeus has been adopted by a senior citizen whose niece had fostered this boy for over a month. With his gentle, friendly nature this will be a great match. Congratulations and best wishes in your new home Zeus. —————————————— Original Post: Zeus is quite a big boy and so very handsome. […]

Bretzel. Chatty “Golden Boy” Cat Has Found A New Home

UPDATE 22 September 2017: Bretzel has found his new home with a gentleman and his 7-1/2 year old daughter. Bretzel’s personality is very similar to that of a cat his new owner had years ago and Bretzel is settling in well. Congratulations and best wishes to Bretzel and his new family. —————————————— Original Post: Bretzel […]

Eight Gorgeous Kittens – ALL NOW ADOPTED

UPDATE 5 September 2017: YAY!! All eight kittens have found forever homes. Congratulations to all. ——————————————— UPDATE 27 August, 2017: Wolf, Bianca and Rigel have now also found their forever homes. That means, only two kittens remain available for adoption from this litter: Ariel and Halley ——————————————- UPDATE 18 August, 2017: Good news for Lyra […]

Moe. Spaniel Cross Male Dog Finds New Forever Home

UPDATE Aug 30, 2017: Moe has been adopted by a very active, retired senior. Walks, visits to the local dog park and lots of companionship will be Moe’s lot in life as he sails through his “golden years”. Congratulations and all the best to Moe in his new home. ————————————— UPDATE Aug 18, 2017: Moe’s […]

Zoe. Friendly, Human-Loving Cat Now Adopted

UPDATE 29 Aug 2017: Zoe has been adopted and is settling in very well in her new forever home in Toronto. Congrats. Here she is looking pretty relaxed and comfortable in her new home: ————————————- Original Post: Zoe, at three years of age, is spayed, declawed, microchipped and up-to-date on all vaccinations. This little lady […]

Gulliver. Cat Rescued From City Streets. Finds New Home

UPDATE 15 August 2017: Gulliver has been adopted by a family that are in no way concerned about the challenge of socializing him. They will work with him to ensure this boy has a permanent home with no fear of abandonment. Congratulations Gulliver on finding such a supportive forever home. ——————————— Original Post: Gulliver, estimated […]

Blue Belle. Playful, Sociable Kitten Finds Forever Home

UPDATE 15 August 2017: Blue Belle has been adopted by a couple and their five year old daughter. There is an existing 7 year old cat in the home for companionship. Congratulations Blue Belle to you and your new family. ————————————— UPDATE 9 August 2017: Blue Belle is now 16 weeks of age and still […]

Selena And Halsey. Precious Rescue Kittens – ADOPTED

UPDATE 15 August 2017: Halsey and Selena have been adopted together by a family in Pickering who already have a thirteen year old cat. It was thought the siblings would be company for each other considering the fact that the older feline’s level of energy could never compare to that of a kitten. Best wishes […]

Brody. Young, Energetic Labrador Retriever. ADOPTED 

UPDATE Aug 11, 2017 Brody was adopted yesterday by a lovely family and he will be moving to Shawville, Quebec. The husband of the family is an experienced dog owner and they live on a far ranging country property. Brody will therefore have lots of space to roam in as well as a ten year […]

Alexander. Playful Kitten Joins New Forever Home in Ajax

UPDATE July 31, 2017: Alexander has found his new, forever home with a family in Ajax who recently lost their beloved, rescue cat Finn. There is no question that this boy will be dearly loved and well cared for. Best wishes to all! ———————————– Original Post: (June 13, 2017) Alexander, born to mother Scarlett, is […]