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Contact Us

To inquire about pet adoption, fostering or any of our other services, simply submit the general contact form on our Contact Page or use the pet specific contact form you will find at the bottom of every pet profile page. During business hours you are welcome to call us on 289-385-6293.

Adoption Application

Our online application form may take 15-30 minutes to complete and the subsequent adoption process is designed to ensure that every animal adopted goes to a loving home where it will be well cared for. Our application asks a number of detailed questions which are necessary for our screening process – it is not our intention to frustrate you and the process is the same for everyone. Go to Online Pet Adoption Application.



Home Visits

We want your pet adoption to be a successful, rewarding experience for you, your family and your new pet. Pre-adoption home visits by Oasis staff help to ensure that the pet you are interested in adopting is a suitable match for your home environment and lifestyle. Read more about Home Visits.

Meet The Pet

Approved Applicants (those with successful application form and home visit) meet face to face with the animal that they have expressed an interest in. Normally this is done in neutral territory (eg. a park or a foster parent’s home) and is mandatory for dog adoptions. Cats, on the other hand, well… they are notorious for simply hiding when newcomers arrive. Cats are not the best at keeping appointments and meeting them in person can take a little bit of coordination! In any case, if all goes well and everyone is happy, the final stages of the adoption can proceed.



The Adoption Contract And Fees

By signing our Adoption Contract you are making a commitment to ensure that your new pet will be provided with the love and care it deserves. View / download a copy of our PET ADOPTION AGREEMENT.


Oasis is a non-profit organization and, as you can imagine, overhead costs for pet food, veterinary care and new home searches, rent and utilities, etc., are very high. Donations from kind supporters go directly towards our running costs and help us to keep adoption fees low and abandoned pets off the streets. The current fees to adopt pets from Oasis are:

Kittens: $160
Adolescent and mature cats: $135
Dogs: $225
Rabbits & Guinea Pigs: $35

Pets in our Seniors For Seniors Pet Adoption Program:

Cats (over 8 years of age): $100
Dogs (over 8 years of age): $150

A pet is only deemed adoptable if he/she is current on all age appropriate vaccinations and declared to be 100% healthy by the vet. All vet records are released at the time of the adoption.

When pets are spayed or neutered, we note that information in their individual bios. Some rescue pets are too young to be spayed or neutered before adoption. Standard adoption fees above do not include these procedures. In cooperation with local veterinarians, additional costs for spay/neuter procedures are:

Spay Cat: $365*
Neuter Cat: $175*

Spay/Neuter Dog: Ranges from $300 to $600 dependent on age of dog, weight, whether testicles have dropped, etc. Final cost quoted before procedure.*

• Prices include taxes, mini blood work, IV Fluid and pain medication.

Sponsor Any Pet To Be Spayed Or Neutered:

With your help we can fight the growing epidemic of stray pets on our streets. Please consider sponsoring one of the abandoned pets at Oasis. Contact us if you would like to help.

Supporting Your Pet Adoption

Oasis Animal Rescue is committed to the long-lasting success of every pet adoption we facilitate. Our pet adoption application and the subsequent pet adoption process is intended to ensure that each pet adopted is suited to the conditions and lifestyle of the adoptive household.

It takes time, and sometimes patient training skills, to help an adopted pet settle comfortably into it’s new home and family. We strive to do our best to provide accurate information about the pet’s background and personality, likes and dislikes.

Please contact us with your questions or requirements at 289-385-6293 at any stage after you have adopted a pet from Oasis Animal Rescue. Oasis staff, volunteers, veterinary partners, and an extended network of pet service suppliers, are available to support your pet adoption success.


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