Finnegan. Beagle Pug Mix for adoption. Toronto GTA
Chance And Tiggy. Friendly, Adaptable Cats Seek New Home
Finnegan. Active Beagle/Pug Mix Dog Seeking New Home
Jinxie. Entertaining Kitten Seeks Forever Home
Toby. Super Affectionate Indoor/Outdoor Cat For Adoption
Missy. Owner Passed Away, This Loyal Cat Needs New Home
Lola. Shy Cat Would Greatly Benefit In A Caring Forever Home
Penny. Great Companion Cat For Senior – For Adoption
Autumn. Independent Cat In Need Of New Home
Chaos. Healthy, Senior Cat In Need Of Foster/Perm Home
Panda. Calm, Affectionate Cat Seeks Quiet New Home
Nikki And Joey. Sibling Cats In Need Of Retirement Home
Goldie. Absolute Sweetie, Adorable Female Cat For Adoption
Freud. Free Spirit Male Cat For Adoption
Anna. Stunning Feline Seeks Relaxing New Home
Beatrice. Momma Cat Deserves New Home Too
Lisa. Cat In Golden Years Needs Loving New Home
Midnight And Tiffany. Best Friend Cats For Adoption
Jackson. Friendly Male Bunny Seeking A Forever Home
Lucille. Gorgeous Two Year Old, Spayed Cat For Adoption
Shilah and Makita. Owner Health Issues Force Cat Re-Homing
Robbie. Playful, Seven Month Old Kitten For Adoption
Gypsy And Sammie. Social Felines Seeking Attentive New Home
Jasmine. Playful Cat Needs To Find New Home Soon
Dakota. Very Affectionate, Beautiful, Female Cat For Adoption 
Donald. Loving, Friendly Cat Deserves New Home

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