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We always have people ask us questions about Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center.
In this section of our website we present some of the most frequently asked questions with answers for you.

What is the food bank?
The Animal Food Bank was established to meet the needs of those individuals in Durham Region who are having difficulty caring for their pets and supplying their day to day needs in the form of such items as food (wet and dry), kitty litter, shavings, bedding etc. Our clients are a cross section of the population but generally fall into one of the following categories. Folks on ODSP, the unemployed, the elderly, senior citizens, welfare recipients and students. Please note: we have been forced to suspend our pet food bank services due to lack of volunteers.

Do people abuse the food bank?
Over the course of our first year, we experienced several cases of abuse and therefore revised our accountability system to rectify this. In general recipients are mindful of the valuable resource the animal food bank provides to their pets and respect the fact that available supplies are limited. Please note: we have been forced to suspend our pet food bank services due to lack of volunteers.

Where do the supplies come from that are given out at the food bank?
The majority of supplies for the animal food bank are either donated by local citizens or retail stores in the area. These are supplemented by cash donations which translate into product purchases. Please note: we have been forced to suspend our pet food bank services due to lack of volunteers.

Does someone need to register for the food bank?
Yes, anyone who is utilizing the food bank must register with us. Correct name, address and contact information will be requested as well as the numbers, names and pertinent details regarding animals in the specified home. Please note: we have been forced to suspend our pet food bank services due to lack of volunteers.

What does the ‘education” portion of your name refer to?
Oasis has been hosting nursery and primary school children at our office in downtown Oshawa over the course of the last few months. Our goal is to provide a comfortable leaming environment in which to teach the care and maintenance of domestic pets. These instructional sessions extend to grief counseling for pet owners, the importance of companion pets to seniors and the necessity of spaying and neutering the animal in your home.

Where do the Oasis animals come from?
Oasis animals come from a variety of different areas. Some are abandoned in back yards, on streets or in alleys. Others are literally dumped in the Oasis office in paper bags and boxes. A substantial number have been turned over by owners that can no longer care for them while there is a segment that are homeless because their owners have passed away. A fair percentage, unfortunately, are simply unwanted because the human in their life has lost interest in being a pet owner and simply wants to “offload” the animal in question.

Do we service all types of animals?
Oasis works with all domestic pets. Cats and dogs make up the majority of our roster but we have cared for rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits as well.

Are all animals cared for by Oasis up to date on their vaccinations
and spayed or neutered?
All animals in our care have been examined by a veterinarian and given the appropriate, age dependent, vaccinations. Some are neutered, spayed, de-clawed and microchipped.

Do we accept feral cats?
Feral cats are generally found in colonies from which they should not be removed except for spaying/neutering and the administration of vaccines.

How can someone qualify as a foster parent?
A foster parent is typically someone who has a fondness for animals and is prepared to open up their homes and hearts to a pet in distress. A comprehensive interview is held with this individual by an Oasis staff member and a house inspection follows.

What is considered short and long term foster care?
Short term foster care would be anything less than four weeks. Obviously the goal is to restrict the amount of time an animal spends in a foster home and instead find a permanent, forever home for said pet. On occasion, however, the length of time in foster care is governed by the lack of suitable adoptive parents and could stretch into several months or more.

What is the re-homing procedure?
Re-homing is the procedure whereby a pet is registered with Oasis by its original owner and subsequently placed in a foster home until a permanent adoptive “forever” home can be found.

What tasks would a volunteer perform at Oasis?
A volunteer could be asked to help out in the animal food bank, attend off site events, work on the computer in the office, assist in housekeeping duties, answer the phone, speak with members of the public regarding Oasis and a variety of other tasks.

What is expected of a volunteer at Oasis?
A volunteer at Oasis must govern himself/herself by the rules and regulations that would be expected of a salaried employee from the standpoint of cleanliness, punctuality, appropriate attire and other common office etiquette.

Does Oasis provide discounted vet services upon request?
Oasis can direct individuals to veterinarian clinics that offer reasonable rates to pet owners who are financially challenged.

What is the corporate structure of Oasis?
Oasis is a Canadian non profit corporation governed by all of the appropriate provincial and federal guidelines.

Is Oasis a registered charity?
Oasis has applied for a charity registration number. This process is presently being formalized with the appropriate government bodies.

Where do all of the donations go?
The financial contributions received by Oasis go toward purchasing supplies for the animal food bank, providing veterinary care for animals in foster care and any and all day to day operating expenses.

What kind of donations do you need?
We need both financial and material (pet food and supplies) donations. The latter would include kitty litter boxes, cages, toys, blankets, litter itself, shavings and dog/cat/rabbit food and treats. Please visit our Donations Page to learn more about donating.

If you have any questions which have not been answered here, please contact Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center.

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