Top Tips For A Healthy, Happy Pet Bunny

Contributed by an Oasis Animal Rescue supporter: Parents considering giving a bunny to their children for Easter, may first appreciate some tips for catering to a pet bunny’s specific needs, health and happiness. Here is some useful information to help you decide if a bunny is the right pet for your home. First of all, […]

URGENT – Durham Region Foster Homes Needed For Rescue Pets

    Urgent Need For Pet Foster Homes In Durham Region, call 289-385-6293 today. Or, complete and send the form below to receive an application form. See below for Frequently Asked Questions about the rewarding experience of pet fostering.   Pet Foster Carers Are Very Special People Every domestic pet in care at Oasis Animal […]

Olaf, Orangey And Cora Visit Rogers TV

Olaf, the rescue cat found frozen and near death, is now recovering very well and was able to visit Rogers TV for a great interview recently with Oasis’ own Cora Wideman and Orangey, another one of the rescue cats at Oasis. Watch Cora, Olaf and Orangey on Rogers TV here. Cora does a fine job […]

“Frozen” Cat Olaf Recovering Really Well. Vet Staff Flabbergasted!!

As we reported yesterday, poor cat Olaf was found in a field, frozen and near death, two days ago by a young boy on his way to school. Today, the vet and clinic staff have been completely flabbergasted at the tremendous progress Olaf has made since his sad ordeal out in arctic temperatures. He is […]

One Last, Pleading Meow Saved Olaf’s Life

UPDATE 25 February: Olaf Visits Rogers TV: Watch the Video Here ————————————- Read Olaf’s story below and then an UPDATE on Olaf’s recovery has been posted here. ————– Yesterday (12 Feb), as a young boy was cutting through a field on his way to school, he came across what he believed to be a dead […]

Durham Region Pet Care Services Benefit Oasis Rescue Pets

Now, when you book pet sitting, dog walking or special pet care services through Beverly Cs Critter Connections, Durham Region, you’ll also be supporting the pets in care at Oasis Animal Rescue. 25% of all service fees will be directed towards caring for the pets in need at Oasis. Beverly Cs Critter Connection provides […]

Knuckles. Cat Recovering From Surgery Rewarded With Permanent Home

[Caution: Graphic Images Below] UPDATE 28 August: First, a HUGE thank you to every one of the generous Knuckles supporters who helped us out with veterinary costs for this fantastic little guy. As a non-profit organization caring for pets that are often abandoned, neglected or suffering, our vet costs can be enormous. Without your support […]

Update: Angus The Ragdoll Cat Is Doing Really Great!

Many of you will remember Angus, the cat from B.C. who had a passion for swallowing anything left in his path. The Oasis network of animal supporters was able to help find him a new home right across the country in New Brunswick. Angus made the big journey down east by air to join his […]

CAUTION: Cute Kitten Photos

It was inevitable…. you were sailing right along having a perfectly productive day when all of a sudden DISASTER!!! Cute kitten photos placed under your nose and now you’ve lost your train of thought and forgot what you were doing. Oh Well. It was worth it, right? Here are some of the cutest kittens we’ve […]

Takoda. Cat That Fell From Sixth Floor Balcony – UPDATE

UPDATE 20 APRIL: TAKODA IS DOING GREAT… Read more here:   UPDATE: Takoda’s operation last week was very successful. He now has a plate in his back right leg and is walking on it quite well. Of course he looks a tad funny because the leg and his rear end were shaved but he […]

‘The Inspire Show’ In Oshawa Selects Oasis As Recipient

Support The Pets In Need At Oasis Animal Rescue Oasis is proud to have been selected as a recipient of the fundraising efforts from Oshawa’s ‘The Inspire Show’ being held March 23rd, 2013 at The Canadian Corp Association – 142 Athol Street East. Tickets are available from our Oasis Animal Rescue office on Simcoe St. […]

Thanks For Helping Oasis To Help Pets – Across Canada

Remember Angus? He was the purebred Ragdoll cat obsessed with eating things he shouldn’t ? He was originally from British Columbia but his owner had a new infant daughter (who would inevitably be leaving a trail of goodies that Angus would not be able to resist) she knew that living with them would actually be […]

Listen To Oasis Team Members On RealityRadio101

Our own Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center team members Sam and Susan were recently interviewed on RealityRadio101. In this 50-minute radio show recording, you’ll hear lots of information about Oasis, what we do and some of the stories from our pet rescue activities. Enjoy: For more information about pet rescue, fostering or adoption in […]

Take a Good Look

Let’s talk about Lily. At one point early in her life, perhaps as a kitten and then a juvenile cat, Lily was loved, appreciated and, no doubt, cuddled because, of course, she was very cuddly. Lily’s fate, however, mirrors that of hundreds and perhaps thousands of female, unaltered cats in Durham. She became pregnant. No […]