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Takoda’s operation last week was very successful. He now has a plate in his back right leg and is walking on it quite well. Of course he looks a tad funny because the leg and his rear end were shaved but he doesn’t seem to mind and we’re pleased to report he is eating, drinking and interacting with the other cats in his foster home.

The operation was complicated and that is why a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon, was hired. He was assisted by our vet. We chose not to amputate so that Takoda would have a normal life and not be disabled in any way.

Costly… But A Life Has Been Saved!

The only other alternative would have been to euthanize Takoda.

When the X-rays were done they indicated that this cat could be saved.

Though we were faced with a bill in the thousands of dollars, we are a “no kill” organization and could not justify ending Takoda’s life. We had no choice but to help him and we’re happy to report that he’s now ‘on the mend’. He will be recovering for several weeks and full mobility will be back for Takoda in a matter of months.

A Special Thanks To Those That Have Helped

We’d like to say “Thank You. So much!” to the network of people who care so much for the pets-in-need in our community. You’re help is so important and really makes a difference.

The surgery, medications and veterinary visits for Takoda have cost $2200. Donations received in Takoda’s name from our supporters have now reached $600. So we’ve got some distance to go yet…

If you wish to make a contribution, you can drop by our office, call us (at 289-385-6293) or click the button below and visit PayPal and make donations safely and securely online.


Injured cat Takoda - fell from 6th floor balcony


Original Story:

Lucky to survive a fall from the balcony of a sixth floor apartment on March 11th, cat Takoda suffered a seriously shattered leg and requires a major operation. Though it’s easy to suggest euthanasia to avoid expense, Oasis Animal Rescue feels that pets like Takoda actually deserve a chance to live.

Injured Cat Takoda fell from 6th floor balcony

Takoda’s rear right leg is fragmented in four pieces, two big and two small. This type of fracture can only be repaired by internal fixation under the care of an orthopedic specialist. A splint or a cast is not feasible due to the fracture locations and overall findings as evidenced by the X-rays taken.

Takoda, an injured cat that fell from 6th floor balcony

Takoda is also fighting an upper respiratory infection but is eating (needing to be force fed on occasion) and drinking. Although on pain medication he is obviously still uncomfortable and that is why his temperature is elevated and he is not voracious in his eating patterns.
His caregiver tells us that he is a feisty little guy, very affectionate but also in need of immediate attention.


Takoda’s operation is scheduled for Thursday March 21st.

Oasis’ Executive Director Janet Smith explains “As a non-profit organization committed to saving pet’s lives, we do our best to help pets in need like Takoda. Orthopedic surgery is very expensive but fortunately not all of the cases we encounter require this much care. We’re lucky that there are so many compassionate people in Durham Region who are willing to make financial, time or food donations to help unwanted, injured and abandoned pets, and we hope they can help us now.”

Your Donations Do More Than Just Save Pets

Kind donations from supporters provide more than pet food, shelter and emergency vet care. Unwanted and abandoned animals, or pets that perhaps find themselves alone when an owner becomes ill or dies, are kept from living (or dying) on our streets when people donate. Roaming free, they can become a danger to themselves and to the community. Prepared for adoption and matched with suitable homes, Oasis pets, thank their compassionate supporters by going on to provide an amazing source of joy in someone’s life.

“The pets we meet at Oasis are eventually adopted into loving forever homes, finally leaving their sad pasts behind and going on to live happy lives for many years,” says Janet. “We know that when a pet, even one like seriously injured Takoda, is given a chance, one day they will return the favour by providing a huge amount of love and loyal companionship to the new people in their lives.”

Two fundraising events this weekend

Both The Inspire Show in Oshawa and The Oasis Info Days at PetValu, Brooklin provide an opportunity to learn more about Oasis’ role in pet rescue and re-homing in Durham Region. Hope to see you there!

Oasis Team Will Be At Pet Valu Brooklin

11am – 4pm. Pet Valu Brooklin will match donations.
Raffle: Win a $1000 spending spree at Pet Valu

Announcing Oasis Fundraiser March 23, 2013

March 23rd
Doors: 7pm, Showtime: 9pm
The Canadian Corp Association
142 Athol St. E., Oshawa, Ontario
Tickets $10 – available from Oasis Animal Rescue

Donations to help provide food, shelter and veterinary care to rescue pets while they search for their forever homes can be made easily and securely online here.

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