Jackson. Friendly Male Bunny Seeking A Forever Home

  Jackson, a playful, friendly bunny, is searching for a new forever family. A young child in his present household has developed severe allergies to this sociable “pocket pet” and thus, in spite of being very well cared for and loved by his present owner, dwarf rabbit Jackson must be re-homed. At three years of […]

Top Tips For A Healthy, Happy Pet Bunny

Contributed by an Oasis Animal Rescue supporter: Parents considering giving a bunny to their children for Easter, may first appreciate some tips for catering to a pet bunny’s specific needs, health and happiness. Here is some useful information to help you decide if a bunny is the right pet for your home. First of all, […]

Things To Know About Bunnies

c4panimalrescue.com recently shared this important message in an email to us and so we thought we’d also share it with you: Flick through this slideshow published on HuffingtonPost for some helpful facts about pet rabbits and including a short video “A Guide To Rabbit Care”. Or contact Oasis to arrange a visit with our rescue […]