Eight Gorgeous Kittens For Adoption – UPDATE

UPDATE 18 August, 2017: Good news for Lyra and Phoenix, both have found forever homes. Four kittens from this litter are still searching for homes: Bianca, Rigel, Wolf and Halley. Please use our online contact form (scroll down after the photos) to inquire about adopting. Here are some photos of the litter now at six […]

Five Abandoned “Cocktail” Kittens For Adoption – VIDEO UPDATE

UPDATE 15 August 2017: Follow the antics of the Cocktail kittens on youtube… then scroll down for our online contact page to find out more about adopting one of them.   Original Post: Kittens Daiquiri (female), Margarita (female), Cocktail (male), Kamikaze (male) and Gin (male) are eight weeks of age (as of July 29). Originally […]

Quacey, Artimus and Nokimos. Adorable, Adoptable Kittens – UPDATE

UPDATE 3 August 2017: Quacey and Nokimos are still available for adoption. They are now 12 weeks of age. Scroll down for our online contact page if interested in adoption kittens Quacey or Nokimos. —————————————— UPDATE 31 July 2017: Artimus has taken up permanent residence in Pickering. His new owners have another 8 year old […]

Golden Boy, Pinocchio And Mattie. Lucky Kittens For Adoption

UPDATE July 19, 2017: Now 14 weeks of age, these three beautiful kittens are still searching for permanent homes. Please scroll down for our contact page if interested in adopting a kitten. UPDATE 5 July 2017: Kittens Golden Boy, Pinocchio and Mattie are now 12 weeks of age. All three are still searching for their […]