Max – Happily Adopted

UPDATE: Here, at Oasis Animal Rescue, the happiest moments are always when a new home is found for one of the pets in need that come into our care. Today we’re happy to announce that Max, a beautiful cat with a beautiful (but stubby) little tail has been adopted. YAY! If you’re able to provide […]

Alana | Forever Home Found

Alana, picked up somewhere in Durham region and officially labelled ” a stray”,  has spent the last few months in a tiny cage at a local shelter. It is presumed that she once had a home for she is extremely social. She enjoys being brushed and cuddled and seems to be a master of the […]

Eric | Forever Home Found

Eric is an eight week old kitten that was found abandoned in a barn in Durham region. The fate of his mother (and perhaps other siblings) is unknown but thankfully he was declared healthy when examined by a vet. Eric has been de-wormed and is thriving in his new foster home. Eric is exceptionally attractive […]

Molly | Forever Home Found

This is Molly. She was given up to OAREC after her owners were no longer able to care for her, but this sweet girl entices everyone she meets with her good looks. Her dainty stature, long oblong face, big ears and big eyes make Molly absolutely beautiful. The part Oriental cat is 2 years old […]

Lola | Forever Home Found

  This beautiful two year old girl is Lola. She is very talkative and affectionate, even after being dropped off to OAREC as a stray cat. She has gorgeous colouring being a purebreeed Siamese cat and catches the eye of all who see her. Lola enjoys treats and wet food, and loves to cuddle up […]

Pompey Bella | Forever Home Found!

This female cat is named Pompey Bella. Bella is a beautiful grey & white cat who was graciously given temporary residence at a kind gentleman’s house. However, his current feline residents just haven’t taken to poor Pompey Bella – and now she much find a new forever or foster home! She is a 3 year […]

Ruby & Peaches | Forever Home Found!

Ruby and Peaches are two beautiful and loving female guinea pigs in need of a forever loving home. They are fairly quiet unless they are hungry and purr when you hold them, but Peaches can get nervous with fast hands in the cage. Their previous caregiver has become allergic and can no longer care for […]

Sid & Copper | Forever Home Found!

Sid and Copper are both strikingly beautiful Abyssinian Guinea Pigs; Copper is agouti and Sid is brindle/white. Abandoned in an apartment by their previous care giver they have developed a special bond. They are shy guinea pigs but once they get acquainted with you they love to be talked to and cuddle with you. They […]

Maximus & Ninja | Forever Home Found!

Ninja and Maximus are friendly, loving Guinea Pigs. Their owners were no longer able to care for them, but these sweethearts will have no problem finding a new home with how personable they are! Ninja is black & white with very silky smooth fur and Max is agouti/white crested American guinea pigs. They are relaxed, […]

Gypsy | Forever Home Found!

This beautiful cat is named Gypsy. She had a hard start to her life that was quite evident when she arrived in OAREC care thin and scared. Gypsy was fortunate enough to find a foster home and now has a healthy weight & appetite, and a gorgeous silky, soft coat. She adores sitting close to […]

Priscilla the Potbelly Pig | Forever Home Found!

Priscilla the potbelly pig loves to run, play and be free! Priscilla has had a hard start to her 6 years of life – but she has so much life left in her! OAREC have found a farm sanctuary for Priscilla to move into, and she is doing very well! She loves to lounge around […]

Kovu | Forever Home Found!

Kovu is lucky to be alive. At just one week of age he was abandoned with his mother Sarabie and four other siblings on our doorstep. They were all in pretty bad shape. Sarabie was dehydrated, skin and bones and would no longer feed the kittens. They, themselves, were covered with fleas, had eye infections […]

Leopold | Forever Home Found!

Only two years of age, Leopold is a friendly cat who is up-to-date on all of her shots and spayed. Leopold was very shy when she first came into our care but  is now “coming out of her shell”, loves to play, is vocal and enjoys treats. Leopold gets along well with other felines and […]

Summer | Forever Home Found!

Summer, at two years of age, was abandoned in an apartment with her companion feline Leopold. Both are in excellent health having now been examined by a vet and received their up-to-date vaccinations. Summer is very sociable, interacts well with other animals and would make a great addition to a single person household or one […]

Otis | Forever Home Found!

Otis is a six year old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is neutered and up-to-date on all of his vaccinations. Otis is a high energy dog who is super smart and loves to cuddle. He is very affectionate and good with other dogs but has a tendency to chase cats. His favorite treat is peanut butter […]

Flufferton | Forever Home Found!

Flufferton is a ten week old kitten who is de-wormed and up-to-date on his vaccinations. This endearing little fellow is great with children, extremely sociable and very playful. Flufferton and his two siblings were born outside and rescued by a kindly soul who could not bear to see him try and survive the bitter winter […]


Juniper is now almost nine weeks of age. Her story begins at General Motors where a “sweep” of feral cats was made and their mother was forcibly removed from them at the tender age of one to two days.  Oasis immediately took the kittens in and, after being checked by the vet, we proceeded to […]

Libby | Forever Home Found!

Libby is a beautiful girl who is seeking a semblance of “peace and quiet” after being forced to share a relatively small apartment with other felines and endure the infrequent visits of young children. Two years of age, spayed, declawed and up-to-date on her shots, Libby truly enjoys the company of adults but definitely should […]

Our Message to You

It has now been thirteen months since Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Centre opened its doors at 86 Simcoe Street North in Oshawa. To be frank, we had absolutely no idea what the response would be to our innovative animal food bank program or our commitment to stemming the tide of abandoned, displaced or unwanted pets […]

Is There A Need For Animal Food Banks

Since Oasis opened in Oshawa, we have tried to provide the necessities of life for pets that have found themselves in undesirable circumstances. You could say it’s why we exist. Some of these services vary and include finding homes for abandoned pets, setting up a network of foster homes for interim care as well as […]