Mitsie | Forever Home Found

Mitsie: Seeking Forever Home

Update, April 20 – Mitsie has been adopted! Madame Shadow is still looking for her foster home.

Mitsie’s previous owner rescued her and Madame Shadow from a life outside last year, but was unable to care for them any longer. They are both very affectionate, playful and full of adventure. Although Madame Shadow and Mitsie have spent the last number of months together they can be separated.

Lots of cuddles, lots of treats and lots of love, however, are a prerequisite for their new homes.

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  1. susan manuel says:

    I am the lady who adopted Mitsie. My fiance and I fell in love with her when we fostered her. She is a chatty-cathy. Always talking away… The 2 cats I already have did not want Mitsie to become apart of our family at first. I actually tried to give her back. Then she injured herself while squeezing (it is a tight space) under the couch. I called Oasis and they made arrangements to take her to their vet. I decided that I would continue to foster her until she got better. (she hurt her leg and was on medication) I told Janet (from Oasis) that I wished I could keep her but that I wasn’t sure my cats would allow it. Janet assured me that she had introduced cats into her family many times and they would eventually get over it. She then said that there was another couple ready to adopt Mitsie as soon as she had her fixed. I panicked. I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to lose her because as I said before.. I already loved her. Janet said she had plans to get her fixed as soon as her leg was healed. I decided to adopt her. I phoned Marg at the Oshawa location (that’s where I live) and asked her when it would be done. Marg said that she had cats going up to the vet that week but she would have to check with Janet about when Mitsie would be fixed (because of her leg) she would get back to me…2 weeks later.. which was today.. I called her. Marg said she had no idea what I was talking about. She tried to say that because I had adopted was my responsibility. I was lead to believe other wise. I asked her to have Janet call me. When Janet got back to me she told me that she had never said that she would have Mitsie fixed. I am pissed. I was told that she would be fixed.. now they are making me out to be a liar. I am currently a full-time student and can not afford to have it done. It wouldn’t be that much of a problem if she was just annoying like most female cats are when they are in heat.. but she is mean too.. she actually attacks my cats viciously. She needs to be fixed. What I don’t understand is how Oasis can get away with saying they are going to do something like that.. when they have absolutely no intentions of doing so. I can’t just throw her away now.. or ever take her back… but I would not have adopted her if I knew they weren’t going to follow through with their end of it.

  2. Thank you for reaching out to us Susan.

    I had hoped to continue our telephone conversation of last Wednesday but did not hear back after you abruptly disconnected the line. I know that you care about Mitsie but unfortunately, despite repeated requests by our office, you have refused to address the issue of signing the necessary adoption papers or alternatively allowing her to be placed in a permanent home.

    Officially your position with Oasis is, at present, that of a foster parent and without a willingness on your part to communicate calmly with our office, this status is now in jeopardy. Our concern is for the well being of Mitsie and we would hope that your sentiments mirror ours.

    Please call Marg at our office.

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