R.I.P. Molly. You’ve Left A Hole In Our Hearts

Molly Cat

It is with great sadness we share the news that Molly – a familiar face to all who volunteer, visit and work in our office – is no longer with us.

Despite the love, support, caring and palliative treatment given to Molly, there was nothing more we could do and sadly we had no option other than to have her put to sleep and relieve her pain and suffering.

She was a notable character in the Oasis office. When visitors arrived she was there to greet them. When the Saturday afternoon french fries and gravy arrived, she was there to share them. When other rescue cats arrived unsure and scared, she helped them relax and know they were in a safe place.

So yes, Molly, you have left a great hole in our hearts. You will be sadly missed but fondly remembered as a rescue pet that touched so many. Despite your ailments, you shared your love and you had great strength. You were a shining example of why we work so hard to save animals like yourself that have become lost, abandoned, mistreated or homeless – because you and all of our animal friends, are able to give so much to so many in return.

Molly came to Oasis in 2011 and our Executive Director, Janet Smith, recounts her story below.

“Molly had been in our care since the latter part of 2011. She was dumped off by a young man who insisted that his girlfriend would not allow him to keep the cat. He was in tears. We later came to believe that they had discovered that Molly was sick and therefore, rather than seeking the reason why, chose to abandon her.

Molly was in pretty bad shape physically when she first arrived. She had blood in her urine, was vastly underweight and obviously in some discomfort. We had her back and forth to several vets, did extensive blood tests and X-Rays, but could not come up with a diagnosis.

Determined to give Molly every chance of getting better, we agreed with the vets recommendation for exploratory surgery. They extricated two huge gall stones and spayed her but were unfortunately still in the dark as to the underlying disease. Eventually they all put their heads together and decided that her liver was not able to excrete toxins properly and only major surgery, which would no doubt kill her, was their last resort in trying to cure what was otherwise an incurable illness. We opted for palliative care which proved to be the right choice.

Little Molly Cat went on to enjoy 7 more months of quality life in the Oasis office. She was such a joy to all that met her. Mischievous, a lover of people food (especially french fries and pizza), a true sun bather (reveled in basking in the front window) and a playful companion to the kittens in the office. Molly was our princess.”

R.I.P. Molly



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